Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Today is the youngest you will ever be; Introducing 365.

“Today is the youngest you will ever be” used to be my mantra. I would use it to motivate me to get out, see the world, express myself, live life. Now it just sounds depressing. This is the youngest I will be? Today? When I take the elevator and skip the stairs and huff and puff up a pretty small huge hill everyday? Then what will it be like five years from now? What about ten years?
I make excuses. I start a million projects and only complete five. It used to be adorable but now it sort of gets in the way of being an adult. Especially when your house is the size of your pinky toe and bringing home all the materials to make your own pottery, because hey, you just might one day, coupled with that decision to build a shelf right in the middle of your bedroom, just no longer seems to fit. Shit is starting to get real and I need to rise to the challenge.
What if I figured out a way to take excuses away? What if I could do something that turned the years back instead of forward? What if I could actually finish one damn thing that I start?
Then an idea started phototo form. I have to admit I had exercise, in the form of running, on the brain as I was only a week away from my third half marathon. I thought, could I just train for another race?Another schedule tapped on the fridge? Another set of expectations I will most likely not live up to?
No. NO MORE EXCUSES. That’s when I thought of doing a 365 day program. 365 days to turn 360 degrees and move towards a healthier me instead of a 365 day older me. A way to erase excuses and hold myself to a new standard. I would run every day, rain or shine, for 365 consecutive days.
Doing this would turn something that has become62206038572544220_fFsBOu9x_f a chore into a habit. Then I thought through it. Would I run when on vacation? Yes. What about the day of my brother’s weeding? I’ll get up early. What about when I’m sick? I’ll only run a mile. I’ve chosen a start date: March 30. I will blog about it to keep myself accountable and sane. Welcome to the 365 Project!

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