The Defunct Curator

The Defunct Curator
Chapter One: The Holding Pattern
A holding pattern is an order, a decree to stay, to remain, to be unchanged until you are permitted to arrive at your destination. No progress is made or planned. Many commit this term to a period in a relationship before a commitment is made, before a proposal is proposed or a vow is taken. But what happens when your holding pattern emerges after the vows and after cake is ceremoniously fed to you in front of lots of people taking pictures while even more people you know even less dance slightly drunk to oldies music? What happens when you make your own plans, without a job, or a house, or even an apartment? When the destination is not clear and shiny and your twenty-something, over-achieving self is searching for a place in the world? Pop another olive in your martini, proverbial or not, and blog on.

That was the state of things last year when this project started. Project reach-out-to-anyone-who-would-listen because I lived in a cottage in the middle of nowhere during which time I was repeatedly rejected from job application after job application. The Defunct Curator emerged. I blogged about being lost and a bit trapped. I blogged about my marriage with The Professor, our pet trifecta, and living in rural Georgia as a liberal New Yorker. The heart wants what it wants and mine fell for The Professor.

The Professor
Chapter Two: The 365 Day Project
Fast forward to a year later. Still defunct, I found a job but not in my field. I've moved my family to the bustling city of Washington, DC. It took approximately 10 months to settle in. With the last box unboxed and a new love (Little Bit) joining our family, I was ready for something else new. Finding myself needing direction after a turbulent year I've designed the 365 Day Project. 365 days committed to an active, healthy lifestyle. 365 days to turn 365 degrees. Stay tuned for details.

Little Bit and The Pup