Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Motivation: Week 1 Summary

I'm a few days late in summarizing week one of the 365 project. Apathy has creeped back into my life and infiltrated all things. I somehow manage to still run each day, which is in itself a miracle. Also I ate a whole bag of almond M&M's this week. Don't judge.

Summary of Week 1:

Miles: 15

Upsides: Definitely an increase in post-running positive energy. I may mope and drag my feet until I'm out the door, yawning all the way after a long day, but returning home I am chipper and ready to get things done. Previously I would have zero energy after work and my lazy bones would find at least 100 excuses not to do chores or attend my hobbies. I didn't try to squeeze out some last energy, like I am now. I've also noticed an easier time fall and keeping asleep.

Downsides: Because I used to only run every once in a while I would give myself a treat, feeling I had earned it. I've noticed the first week that this happens everyday. Either a cannoli, or ice cream, or chips, or a very unhealthy dinner. Whatever the poison, I let myself indulge. This is harming me on the scale as I've always noticed I only get healthier with a combination of healthy eating and exercise, not just one or the other. I have to stop rewarding myself everyday if I'm going to be running everyday. Another negative is I've noticed, or I should say, my muscles have noticed is strain at the increase in activity. OK, OK, that's really a positive. But climbing the stairs I would beg to differ.

Overall Week 1 Comments: I started this week out with a lot of positive energy, jumping onto this new project. And like always, when it is shiny and new I am very excited. As the week lagged on I found myself lacking motivation. I saw an endless stack of days ahead of me and only a handful behind. That's when I decided to do these weekly summaries to keep this project small and manageable instead of overwhelming. I'm taking baby steps and not getting frustrated with myself when I only run 1 or 2 miles (which has been all I've done during week 1.)
Some motivation for your Monday. I'm now a quarter way through week 2!

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