Friday, April 29, 2011


1: Loves of my life (human ones)

2: Tornadoes we've survived at the cottage

3: Number of known pets currently residing at my residence

4: Injuries I've sustained since being denied health care

5: Number of times we've lost electricity at the cottage (since January)

6: Months I've been married

7: Months since I've left England

8: Days until I visit my family again

9: Hours to fly between Atlanta and Manchester

10: Dollars I make an hour

11: Number of adult males I've seen wearing overalls in public this week

13: Countries I've visited (I think)

17: Pounds I've lost since actually trying

18: States in America I've been to (I think)

19: Pounds I gained after returning to America (the Holding Pattern is stressful, yo!)

20: Minutes it takes to walk from the car park to work

21: Interviews I've had in this current job search

22: Current number of boxes at my work station

23: The date of my wedding

24: Books I scored at the library book sale yesterday

25: The Professor's age

26: My age

31: Number of weeks my sister is pregnant

34: Boxes of tea currently in my house

110: Miles put on the car during the daily commute

112: Jobs applied for

150: Approximate phone calls made in connection to job applications

180: Days I have lived in Georgia

Unknown Number: Elephant figurines in the cottage


  1. I love this. Love, love, love. So what gives with the elephants? Did I miss something? Are they your faves? Hmmm...

  2. No. The Professor's grandfather is a strong Republican and while in office he was given hundreds of elephants as gifts, which he's decorated the cottage with. Which is where I live. Surrounded by elephants. Everywhere.

  3. Wait. I've read this already. I'm turned around somehow...


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