Friday, April 15, 2011

The Quest

bicycle_einstein-quoteIt is true that the longer one stays away from something the harder it is to start it up again. This is true in all things, except of course bike riding. This is true with contacting old friends, going back to school, starting to eat healthy after the holidays, and of course exercise.

subway-signThis also happens to be true with blogging. So I apologize for falling out of the little blog world with which I have surrounded myself these past months. Trust me, it was hard to start writing again. Because once again, I find myself in the same predicament and each month I remain in this holding pattern it becomes worse and worse.

Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong was a gem for 300px-LOVE_Park_fountainstanding in for me. Although I fear her bias towards Philadelphia swayed her to leave out some vital information about my quest of late. First, I had three interviews in three cities, Charlotte, D.C., and Philadelphia. Second, the position in Philadelphia is not even an open one, more a networking interview. I know, all you Philadelphians are sad that it appears I won’t be joining your ranks any time soon.

Or any ranks for that matter. The Quest seems to have been unsuccessful (but let’s cross our fingers and everything else that at least one possible position has come from it!)

SAM_4365Besides being gone for a week for that purpose, we also experienced, directly upon our return, a tornado and storm, no electricity, then immediately a trip to San Antonio. I couldn’t wait to tell all the stories that came out of all these experiences. But then I did wait…and wait…and wait until we’ve been back from Texas for an entire week and I have stayed silent.

My apathy has grown out of the deep sadness I bear towards this job search and my subsequent failure to become employed. It makes me a bit down around the house, at my current temporary job, and just in general, which makes it hard to blog to be quite honest. But as of now I’m throwing off the debbie downer attitude and trying to focus on all my blessings, including all of you.

rman2488lSo prepare yourself for many short stories of our most recent adventures, including the quest, the night of tornado horror, San Antonio, spending four days with my in-laws, more job rejections, spending two more days with all my in-laws (in Nashville!) and learning to drive a tractor!


  1. can't wait to hear all about your adventures.

    keep your chin up, friend. (i even want to punch myself for saying that). love you!

  2. oh my! riding a tractor?? can't wait for that story :p

  3. Well, let me just say that I have been so behind that I only last read LMCBW's post and just knew you were off packing to move for Philli. And now you aren't. But there are opportunities :) And when the right one is there you will grab that damn job, and hold on for dear life. That's what I did. And I know you will too. But lordy, it sure did take it's time finding it way to me. And it appears yours is being just as stubborn :(


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