Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Best Wishes on Your Quest!!

We interrupt this Holding Pattern to bring you some news....

The Defunct Curator is on the move, heading north to Prepadelphia (although she would probably call it Philadelphia...)! I (Little Miss Can't Be Wrong) am filling in for our lovely D.C today while she begins her quest... a quest for employment in the greater Philadelphia area. 

She has some leads.  She has her brains.  She has her degrees.  She has a kick-ass meeting outfit (which I haven't yet seen, but am sure exists).  Now she just needs some support.  So, friends, let's all take a minute and think happy thoughts for the Defunct Curator (always, but especially these next few days!!).  

I'm also very very excited for this quest, selfishly, as this means I get to see my lovely Curator for the first time since her wedding in October!!

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  1. Oh how exciting!!! Change is in the air :)

  2. OMGosh.....
    I just went through my Spam Comments and 4 of yours were in there.
    I wonder why this is happening? I flagged as "NOT SPAM" So I hope that your future ones will show up.


    Hope your having a great weekend.


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