Monday, March 21, 2011

Scotland Nostalga Week: March 20 and 21st

I was bad and made promises I did not keep. I promised to post a photo from Scotland in my Nostalgia series each day and have already missed a day. The first day. Therefore I present two photos for the price of one.

March 20, 2010.

We left this day for Scotland. As the train had trouble (vandalism we were told) we were diverted and took three trains to slowly make our way from Northern England to Inverness. The trip was beautiful (until it got dark and all I had to look at was the balding man seated directly across me.) After arriving sleepy, hungry, and getting used to our heavy packs, we promptly found our amazing hostel (it had a cat!) and went in search of food. Did we eat haggis? Oatcakes? Stews and porridge and tatties? No. We found a Turkish restaurant that was very hospitable as it was almost 11pm and gorged ourselves on our favorite foods.

March 21, 2010.

It was next to impossible to chose one photo from this day. This was a full day. We roamed around Inverness, toured Loch Ness by boat, visited Urquhart Castle, went on the river walk in Inverness, looked about in the cathedral, and visited the statue of Flora MacDonald (from whom The Professor happens to be descended.) We also found the most adorable and authentic pub, very close to our hostel, and discussed whiskey with the locals.

However, I decided to be predictable and post a photo of a castle. While in Scotland, go see castles. Urquhart is situated nicely on Loch Ness, is beautifully in ruins, and very picturesque.

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  1. haggis. ickkkK!!

    what a beautiful beautiful photo! you're such a great photographer.

    sequel and i are thinking of doing some combination of ireland, germany, spain next summer (2012). start saving your pennies!


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