Monday, March 7, 2011

Seven Facts (Other Than The Fact That I Could Not Develop An Original Blog Post Today)

A week or so ago, City Dreamer at City Dreams, Suburban Schemes tagged all her readers in a 7 Facts post. Having just returned from Florida and in no shape whatsoever to be in the least bit creative or interesting today, I've decided to go ahead and provide you with six facts (I know the rules, but I don't like odd numbers, and you can count that fact towards the seventh I've deleted) about myself in lieu of actually being original.

Fact Number One.
I eat popcorn with a spoon. It's true. For whatever reason, either I don't like to touch it or I've found it more effective to eat with a spoon. Either way, even in movie theaters I order my popcorn with a side of plastic cutlery.

Fact Number Two.
I married the love of my life in October, on the same day that Katy Perry married Russell Brand, thus linking us with these celebrities for life (or as long as they're married; side fact: I secretly love them and hope those crazy kids make it.)

Fact Number Three.
I suffered from Nephritis as a child, which in the States is very rare. It's an auto-immune disorder which attacks the kidneys. Because of it I've never been what you may call robust and often am the first person in a group to come down with any type of garden variety illness (ie: flu, cold, ect.)

Fact Number Four.
I clean my nails every night, sometimes twice a night. This is obsessive, but hey, we all have a little OCD. At least mine keeps my nails looking sparkly and clean. I think it stems from my mother. She hated when our nails were dirty and would clean them out in a really, really painful way (to my six year old self anyway) which kept me pretty much on top of cleaning them myself. I even have a nail brush which I use in the shower.

Fact Number Five.
I drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee which was given to me as a wedding gift from my in-laws. Sometimes it makes me feel like I owe them big, obligated, ect.

Fact Number Six.
I had to inventory my clothing and accessories for a collection management project while in graduate school and was shamed in front of my fellow students to reveal the numbers of each category. I had something like 17 blazers and 42 pairs of jeans. It's my own version of hedonism and it's horrible. I'm not as bad anymore, but stopping my shopping addiction has not depleted my current collection, just maintained it as it's already above ridiculous levels.

Happy Monday. If you've not been tagged in this little exercise, then I tag you now. Go forth and reveal.


  1. i remember when you had to catalog your clothes... i was so thankful it was you and not me that had to do that!

  2. I will spend the rest of the night trying to envision what eating popcorn with a spoon would be like. I may even test this out. I'll report back if I do.

  3. 1. the popcorn thing made me scratch my head. i eat pizza with a knife and fork. i thought that was odd. hmmm...

    2. i'm so with you on the clothes thing. thank heavens they never asked me to count my jeans. or my shoes! sheesh. i probably would have had to fib :-o


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