Monday, March 14, 2011

You Cut My Dog, I Cut You!

OK, that’s extreme. But we had a pretty extreme evening here at the cottage. Our pup was once again attacked by the roving neighbor dogs, which now number three (there is a new one) and still no owners in sight.

She held her own, and we’re pretty sure (or The Professor is, who ran into the whole mess) that she won. But she’s nursing some pretty deep cuts and I’m in complete mommy nurse mode.

Also I’m in angry-mommy-I’m-going-to-take-you-down mode as well. This is about the fourth time this has happened, but the worst case so far. The Evil Dogs, as I call them, used to stay in their own yard, even though I’ve rarely seen them attended. Recently they come into our land and harass our sweet pup.

The Professor, who has been a dog owner his whole life, while pup is my first and only canine, assures me that pup is OK. He says she can nurse herself better than we could (which didn’t stop me from cleaning her up,) and if the wounds still look bad in a couple days we’ll take her to the vet.

What could ever harm such a pup!


I’ll just brag about her a little more.


Pup loves mud. And digging holes. And getting muddy.


Pup hates her dog house and never used it.


She contemplates and thinks deep. About things like how to play with ducks. And why the ducks don’t want to play with her.


Pup likes to go hiking.


Pup really likes to go hiking. It makes her smile.


Pup likes to swim too. She even has fun doing it when I make her wear her adorable life jacket. Even though she doesn’t need to wear it anymore.

neha sill

She is pretty much perfect.


  1. What a presh pup you have! I wonder how Louis would like hiking? Hmmm....

    Have you gone over and told those people what for? Because I sure would. They need to know that YOU are watching THEM and their nasty beasts :-o

  2. you are too cute!! i love the life jacket.

    i'm sure i will use one for future puppy of mine, even when they're walking around the neighborhood -- you never know what can happen!


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