Saturday, March 19, 2011

Scotland, Scotland All Week Long

Warning. I am highly nostalgic. Living in the middle of nowhere in Georgia tends to constantly remind one of one’s exciting life living in urban England and traveling.

I meant to feed, or deal with, such nostalgia by weekly posting a photo from that exact date a year or two or three (you get the idea) ago. You can read about it here. However, I did not really get around to that. Thus I bring you: a week of Scotland

We left for Scotland on March 20, 2010 and so for this whole week I’ll be nostalgic about Scotland through daily photos. It’s part of my grieving process, go with it.



  1. Perhaps you should purchase on of those precious little Scotties? Or, maybe a westie? Not that I'm biased or anything :)

    I've got Scotland on my list of places to visit!

  2. love that image. can you imagine if the professor's kilt was that short when you got married ;)


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