Saturday, March 19, 2011

Storage Unit Tease

Today is was hot. Well, for me. Having lived in England for a while and not having a “normal” summer experience, today was the hottest temperatures I’ve experience since 2009. For serious. So I celebrated by being completely lazy and taking the boat out while trying to remember how to wear a bikini.

storage-unit-01I was not completely lazy as The Professor and I made the sad trip to visit our storage unit. Our “temporary” living situation is getting less and less temporary and sifting through my suitcase on the floor (filled with the same 15 or so outfits I’ve had for almost two years now) is losing it’s appeal (wait, it was never appealing to start with.)

I remembered some plastic drawers left in our storage unit before the move to England. It’s always a downer to drive down the road, open a large metal door, and stare at all your belongings. They aren’t even all mine. Half of my stuff is in that cold cell. The rest is in New York where many things have been in storage for almost 8 years now. Beautiful things.

1950_slipskypickupThe door goes up with a bang and you desperately want to take everything out to a safer place. A home. An actual existence. Oh, and you see the rat poop on the ground and the steam rising from the not-temperature-controlled space and you remember what a bitch it will be when that day actually comes.

It’s always a tease. Hello my things. I’m sorry you can’t come with me. All you nice, new wedding presents will be used one day. I hope.


  1. I lived in an apartment for a few years, and I visited my storage unit frequently. That probably sounds odd, but I just wanted to check on my things :)

    When I finally bought a house and moved into it, it was like Christmas!! All of my lovely pieces, and clothes and pictures were home at last. Some I had even forgotten about :-o

  2. i'm glad your weather was warmer, but am sorry that your belongings are still living in storageland.


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