Friday, March 25, 2011

Nostalgia: On Top of the World, Skye

March 25, 2010.

IMG_4943This photo shows yours truly, The Defunct Curator herself, on the highest point of Armadale, overlooking smaller islands and the Sound of Sleat. The hike over the peat was tricky, and we scared away a few king-of-the-mountain sheep. But the view was amazing, and so was sharing it with The Professor.

Today summed up the whole week. It was sort of a downer. I continue to be upset at not being hired. I continue to be discouraged and getting myself ready to give up and find a job in university city, any job and try to get back into my field eventually. I know I need to be staying positive. And most times I am. But right now, I’m not. So I’m looking at pretty pictures of the past, and hoping for the future.

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