Thursday, March 17, 2011

"what to do when you hate your husband pony tail"

Blogger is a curious little friend. It records blog stats. It tells you what search terms brought visitors to your blog. Above is one such search term which led one lucky reader here, where they were no doubt enlightened by the very mundane musings of my rural existance.

It made me smile to read this search term. Then it made me think.

What do you do when you hate something about your husband. OK, that's harsh. Maybe not hate but maybe despise-so-hard-and-it-gets-under-your-skin-and-makes-you-scrunch-up-your-face-dislike? This reader was so desperate she turned to Google to find a ponytail solution. We all have annoying little traits. I crack my knuckles. I know. It's disgusting. Even I think it's disgusting. The Professor doesn't seem to notice. I also sing along to every song on the radio that I might know some semblance of. That could also be annoying. The Professor says he finds it endearing. I leave half full (or half empty I suppose) water glasses all over the house. The Professor silently collects them and never scolds me for it.

Why then do I want to scratch out my own eyeballs at two of The Professor's irritating quarks? So minuscule in importance are these habits that most good people would never notice. First, he has become the Bing commercial. Queries of all shapes and sizes result in the whipping out of his droid to not only answer your rumination, but to tell you a million other semi-related facts that you never, ever wanted to know. Like how many Six Flag theme parks there are in the country. Or what states they are all in. When all you did was wonder out loud was if Sea World was in Florida.

While the Bing-like death grip The Professor has on his phone is annoying, it's not as worrisome as the second habit that I hope to, somehow, stop. The Professor is very intelligent. He is well educated and knowledgeable about a wide-range of subjects and can hold his own in any discourse. However, he says "like" far, far too much. It was brought to my attention only recently by my sister who noticed it spreading to my vernacular. I have since squashed my use of the useless filler word, but have sense overwhelmingly noticed it with The Professor. So what is there to do when you hate your husband's pony tail, or in my case need to address a speech issue which will shape how others see him in his profession?

Sidebar; When The Professor commits every so often to growing out his beautiful curls long enough to put his hair back, I don't find it the least bit annoying but actually quite sexy. His Scotishness comes out and it is quite delightful. Unfortunately the longer hair the higher the maintenance, and my low-maintenance Professor can only handle this look for about a week before he shaves it all off again. Sigh.

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  1. I love looking to see what people have googled to end up on my blog sometimes :) I wrote about Payne Stewart last summer, after I went to the Greenbrier. Seriously, I have gotten over 6,000 people to my blog because of that.

    I think I'm just going to start writing radom things and see who else I can swindle into coming over :)


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