Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nostalgia: 2010

I’m nostalgic everyday. It’s part of the holding pattern. I had the kind of life I really wanted, urban, European, all with The Professor. Now I’m in the country, where everything is fried, there is limited exposure to walking, and I’m looking to moving and getting a job somewhere while The Professor will have to stay here for a few months.

So I’m nostalgic.

I’ve decided to feed the nostalgia beast by blogging about a photo taken last year, or two years ago, or more, on an exact date.

February 6, 2010.


The Professor and I traveled to Castleton, which is in the Peak District in Northern England, just a short bus ride away from our urban dwelling. As it tended to be, it was a cold, drizzly day. It rarely poured in England. It was usually a constant mist of wetness. A drizzle. A vaporous rain.

The upper deck of our bus was empty and we shared some stolen kisses as we swiftly cut through the Peak District, a bit too swiftly for my liking. Once in Castleton we hiked around the tiny village and eventually climbed the steep slope to Peveril Castle, where this photo was taken. It is a remnant of an outer wall, overlooking the Hope Valley in the Peak District.

After our brief hike and wanderings we had cream tea (not typical for Northern England) at a local pub (very typical for Northern England) which also served host to more than one dog (also typical). Today we will be reliving this experience slightly with another light hike here in the Deep South.


  1. There is so much of England I still want to see!! Beautiful picture :)

  2. you are always an amazing photographer, and of course you have your photos dated and timestamped so you are super organized and can do something like this


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