Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Professor’s Birthday

happy_birthday_vintageToday is The Professor’s birthday. I am excited. I never really enjoyed celebrating birthdays before. I’m not entirely a “birthday person.” But I could tell The Professor needed a little extra love on this day each year, and so I became his birthday person.

birthday-partyTonight the in-laws, including the in-law grandparents, are coming to the cottage for a birthday feast, made by yours truly. How weird is it going from last year, when we went on a pub crawl for The Professor’s birthday which resulted in me double fisting and us both stumbling home, and this year, which is basically a throw back to being ten.

anotherdayinparadiseIt’s always a little stressful cooking for in-laws, in a home provided to you by said in-laws, while they slowly judge how you’re managing the place. But today I’m tackling three dishes and a cake. Oy.


Meatball Soup

Mexican Chorizo with Potatoes

Chicken and Black Bean Enchiladas

Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

imagesI’m excited but there is lots to do. I’ve already made the three cake layers and now I’m desperately trying to clean the cottage. I need to wrap gifts as well. As we are bibliophiles to the tenth degree, I got The Professor two books. First, Harmony, by the Prince of Wales, which touches on one of our favorite shared subjects, the earth and how we can live in balance. And, to keep within the British theme, Icons of England, which we’ve both been wanting to read since leaving England.

Additionally I got the flu yesterday and was so sickly and sad that The Professor had to carry me from the jeep to the cottage, put me in bed, and dose me with thera-flu. Needless to say I am constantly washing my hands today and breathing away from my lovely dishes.

Wish me luck!vintage-photography-birthday-cake


  1. So true...about last year's b-day vs. this years. Regardless, I know you will have a lovely time. And the in-laws will most definitely approve. I mean seriously, My tummy is growling just reading your menu. Mmmm....

  2. cute birthday elephants! good luck tonight on being judged :p rest assured - we always judge ourselves more harshly. your menu sounds delish! i'm sure all will be delightful :) feel better!

  3. love that elephants photo!! and i may need that meatball soup recipe!!


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