Thursday, February 17, 2011

Devil with the Blue Shoes on

This is day three of me working, and I come to you, shocker, from work. I'm definately adjusting and getting use to, A. getting up in the mornings, B. the freakishly long commute, and C. working in a giant room all by myself while air conditioning blasts even though it's not hot, thus making it colder, during my long, lonely days.

OK, that was a bit melodramatic. But I am working at a table within an old exhibition space (the exhibition is moving to a new building.) So like me, this place is in its own holding pattern. It seems only fitting that I be placed in here as my work space, with all the other boxed-up and slightly cast-off objects.

The day is going faster as I focus more and more on my project and the research before me. I do really like the smell of archival boxes (sad!) and the discovery of one or two outlandish letters from times gone by, such as one today blaming teenage VD on the lack of prayer in schools (take that one, school nurses nationwide!)

I wore my electric blue shoes today, which I very, very, rarely wear. They make me smile. And they were cozy during my half hour hike from the parking garage to work (uphill both ways, it seriously is!)

I hope your shoes make you smile!


  1. I wonder, sometimes, what people will say about our "beliefs" in 50 years. Heck, in 20 years. It's funny what we did/do believe sometimes :)

    How in the world could VD be caused by too little prayer? Sheesh.

  2. you are hysterical. i love your shoes!!


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