Friday, February 4, 2011

Thank God for Little Blessings

I am a lucky girl. Why might you ask am I so fortunate? Well I have a phone meeting thvintage_switchboard_operatoris very afternoon with an influencer. That’s right, not only an influencer but a trusted influencer. This contact is amazing for a number of reasons. Firstly, she’s branded herself as a trusted influencer, that’s her job title, and it definitely beats “consultant.” Also, she works with my sister, The High Power Preggers, so I’m sort of like a favor. An awesome favor.

I’m currently networking as part of my never-ending job search. Although I was fortunate to get some part time work, and in my field (delightful!), I am still aggressively pursuing permanent work for many reasons.

my-sugerland-vintage-feel-suitcasesReason 1: I can’t live out of suitcases anymore.

Reason 2: I want all my beautiful things out of storage.

Reason 3: The collection of elephant figurines in this house creeps SAM_4277me out.

Reason 4: I want to find a cool, new city to check out and make mine.

Reason 5: I miss my friends and family and would love to live near some of them.

Reason 6: This holding pattern is


be-found-on-linkedin1My trusted influencer is an accomplished lady. She’s written books, she’s hired by high powered people like my sister, and she is a well known woman-about-town in one of my top cities of choice for this move. I’m quite excited. According to The High Power Preggers, she’ll be talking to me a lot about linkedin and how important it’s becoming in the working world. Thus, this afternoon, pre-phone call (she never gave me a time for the call, I guess when you’re a highly desired consultant you get to be on your own time, jealous) I will be working hard cleaning up my linkedin profile and attempting to understand it.

Another blessing, my part time job came at the exact right moment. Again, why? Just this morning I received a phone call from Miss RV asking if I’m still looking for work because she had an amazing opportunity for me. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this 200906042016before, but she works in her boyfriend’s step-father’s pawn shops. He owns two. If you are familiar with Georgia than you are familiar with the gold shops on many of the corners of this great state. Well, she asked if I wanted to be a sign holder. Are you familiar with these people? Who stand outside of gold shops with a sign saying “we buy gold” as if people could not figure that out outside a store called “We Buy Gold” (seriously, that’s the name of the store). It was amazing to turn that down, explaining I’ve just taken work. Thank God.

I immediately chatted the one person who would understand this exchange perfectly, The Professor. The conversation went as such:

The Defunct Curator: Miss RV just called and offered me a job.

The Professor: Yes, she just texted me asking for your phone number.

The D.C.: Guess what the job is. Oh, guess guess guess!

The P: Working at the pawn shop? Please tell me it’s as an expert!

The D.C.: Close and at the same time not close at all. Yes, at the pawn shop. No, not an expert. Holding a sign. Like those people. With the signs. Who dance. The dancing sign people.


can cranberry sauceNeedless to say we’re both happy I’m able to not take that job. Big ups to those who tirelessly hold a sign outside of a pawn shop though. It was not so much a selling point for me to remember Miss RV’s story during our impromptu dinner party this week about all the robberies currently occurring in pawn shops in the area and how she almost shot her boyfriend’s step-father by accident thinking he was breaking in through the back. The image of her drunkenly telling this story while pointing her hand towards me as if holding a gun, while spilling canned cranberry “sauce” on my clean floor is forever burned into my brain.


  1. I love this post. With all of my heart. I currently have over 1,000 LinkedIn connections. Someone told me it was a good idea. But nothing exciting has happened b/c of it. Perhaps you can share with us what your influencer thinks we should be doing with our LinkedIn?

    And I've got to confess...I'm a little disappointed you won't be holding that sign. Because THAT would definitely provide some blogworthy stories, don't you think? hahahahaha

  2. It would at least be worth a picture or two!

  3. please please pleaseeeeee take the job!!! it would totally be worth the pictures!!


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