Friday, February 4, 2011

And We’re Down Again

rainBummer. I got all excited about my wonder consultant today and the call that Well, that’s yet to be seen. The call happened, all 3.5 minutes of it. Sadface indeed.

My influencer has one powerful contact within my field in this much desired city, and put a plan into action to call said contact Monday, who will then call me. At that point I can talk to someone about making more contacts and get advice.

When The High Powered Preggers told me of this phone call she made it seem like it would be lengthy. She told me to prepare for invasive questions, the purpose of which were to find “hidden talents” and “special personality” aspects with which to recommend me for jobs that even I might not have known I could do. I was told there would be much about linkedin and being aggressive and contacting contacts and making myself visible. This was not had. What was had was me desperately trying to keep her on the phone while she obviously wanted to go.

And it’s still raining. And it’s freezing. And the cottage is not equipped for such weather (it literally has three fire burning heaters with actual fire coming out of them. FIRE!)

The silver lining is this contact and the hope that it will birth more contacts and actual advice.

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  1. 1. i despise the word preggers!
    2. i'm sorry to hear it wasn't what was expected, but am realllly looking sending out good vibes for your talk today!!


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