Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rain, Rain.

rain1It’s raining in Georgia. This makes lake living slightly more depressing than it already was. But today I put on my happy face and my cute black boots and went “into town” to start volunteering for a local community arts organization. On top of that I took a part time job in the university city where The Professor works. I’ll be doing curatorial work, so now I’m only partially defunct. While it rains outside, my outlook is getting a bit brighter.

On another note, I’m getting a bit more used to driving NT3772605out here in the middle of nowhere. There is this little cultural wave I’ve picked up. I suppose it comes from there being so few vehicles on any given road at any given time, but drivers passing each other lift their hand up ever so slightly from the wheel to greet one another. It’s adorable. I participate frequently.

Another thing I noticed today while driving around 2460823060_b94a9e0e94is something I’ve been suspecting for a while. People around here (and I don’t want to generalize the whole South because I’ve only studied this small area) don’t tend to put their headlights on during rain or inclement weather. I noticed it bit by bit, and have commented on it to The Professor before. But with the downpour we got today, it was really noticeable, almost every other car was without headlights.

vintage_jamaica_flag_postcard-p239499455927514710td81_400Regardless, I found a dive Jamaican place, got some chicken and plantains and headed on home to my sick Professor who stayed home today.


  1. jamaican plantains?? yum! sorry to hear the professor isn't feeling well, but i'm sure the puppy enjoyed having him home while you were out and about today!

  2. yay to part time job! and doing something related to your education? amazing :) hope you enjoy!

  3. Oh yes, must "wave" to EVERYONE in the South. So glad you find it charming. My friends from "up north" think it is ridic to acknowledge people one doesn't know personally :(


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