Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Welcome Back

That song has been stuck in my head for the past couple days, "Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back." And it's true, I'm back. Not so much as defunct as before, depending at how you look at it. I've returned to my previous employer in university city, back to museum work, stretching my brain and attempting to remember how to function in the working world.

I do miss going to TJ Maxx whenever I want. But the benefits far outweigh the downsides. Benefits: I get to work, function in the world, collaborate with people, contribute to an exhibition in a curitorial role of sorts once more. Downsides: I have to drive in with The Professor about 1.5 hours each day each way (not that being with The Professor is a downside, far from it, but the drive does suck hard,) the job is not exactly what I wanted (more research assistant than bad ass curator,) I work mainly in a room alone for most the day, I have far less (read: no) free time anymore due to the lengthy drive in and out, it's only temporary thus we can't stop our holding pattern and move on to the next phase of our lives. So still holding, but the landing gear may be coming out just a bit.

And I'm still a bit defunct. Yesterday I could not remember simple words and had problems drafting simple, short object labels, a task I used to be able to complete in my sleep. Apparently my brain has been buried deep beneath watching too many reruns of Grey's Anatomy and reading cookbooks all in between napping and taking random photos of my cats. I really needed to get back to work.

Another plus is I'm able to commit to this project just one month at a time, which means the search for real, fulfilling employment is still on. After about 58 cover letters and rejections I still hold out hope that not all is lost. I could even be coming to a city near you!


  1. Well good for you, love! I would have had a very hard time making this decision. As charming as it is to work, to have to restrict your TJ Maxx visits to weekends is stressful :( Here in Smalltown, VA "the truck" comes on Tuesday. That's when the best shopping is. Tuesdays at lunch. And don't think I'm kidding. Because I'm not.

    And the 1.5hr drive each way? EGADS. You better get that landing gear on the move! We are so spoiled here. I drive about 10 minutes to work. And that's FAR 'Round here :)

  2. I used to be opposed to any commute past 20 minutes in the car or over an hour on public transit. I've broken all my rules! But, this is something I'm looking for in a more stable living arrangement.

  3. i hate my commute. i hate your commute. sometimes, i just want to sleep under my desk (as you well know!).

    here's my advice: "this, too, shall pass."


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