Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Don’t Leave the House Without…

1930s-1940s-woman_~x318Today was Tuesday, and being Tuesday I went into the university city of my beloved Professor. I do this every Tuesday, it’s a great, scheduled reason to leave the house. I go to cafes, I drink expensive tea, I read, I walk, I do all the things I can’t do at the cottage (all things legal, anyway). Therefore I don’t usually post on Tuesdays.

However, I was excited to be tagged in this post by City Dreamer. I was excited because it allowed me to answer the question, what don’t you leave home without, which I’ve actually never really pondered before, and also because I’m glad people are actually finding this blog project of mine. Excitement.

SAM_4323So, what five things can’t I leave home without. My purse is HUGE (notice the quarter added for scale). I pulled it out to try to figure out what exactly I haul around with me all the time. Here is what I came up with.

SAM_43241. Vaseline lip balm in rosy lips. Here is why I can’t leave home without this fantastic little product: I.Love.It.Hard. I discovered it in a Boots while living in England, fell in love at first dab, and have never looked back. It is rose flavored, has a slight pink hue, and reminds me of England. I actually forgot to buy a reserve before moving and had an English friend shamelessly bring me about 10 tins to my wedding. Score.

SAM_43272. A book. I know it seems cliché, but one reason my bag is so big is that I’m a bibliophile and need the comfort of knowing there is always a good read within reach. Currently I’m reading Georgiana and plan to blog about the connections between today’s female relationships and those back in Georgiana’s late 18th century. (nerd alert)




SAM_43293. My phone. Doesn’t everyone have their phones strapped on them at all times? Well this was not always the case for me. Before The Professor and I started a long-distance relationship I never carried a phone with me. Now I always have it, but most likely have put it on silent on accident and will never hear your call. I’m also very, very new to smart phones and am still learning how to use mine.

SAM_43304. Anti-bacterial hand gel. Because the world is dirty. Enough said. I’m currently using this Avon gel I got for Christmas.

SAM_43335. A hair ribbon and bobby pins. I usually have a few ribbons, always one in black, usually one in brown, and sometimes a fun color like purple or blue. I save them from fancy gifts, or bits from craft projects. I use hair ties when I work out, but all other hair-up moments are usually supported by a ribbon. And bobby pins are a self-explanatory necessity.

Being new to the Blog world, tagging other bloggers to be included in this game may be a challenge, so I’ll pass it along to some blogs I’ve been reading lately. I’m not sure if they check out my ramblings, so we’ll see.

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Thanks City Dreamer!

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