Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tell Me More, Tell Me More!

While making 59 (yes, exactly 59 because I said screw it to number 60) individual bingo cards today for The HPP’s baby shower (T-minus 6 days!) I stumbled upon a childhood favorite. Grease. Oh how I love you, young John Travolta and pre-“Let’s Get Physical” Olivia Newton John, and how your characters are so sexist (read, lesson: if your relationship is not working out because you and your love come from opposite cliques, change your entire identity, pick up everything he likes, including dressing slutty and smoking, and age yourself ten years by teasing your hair-although she did look hot) and yet I still praise your awesomeness.
But what is more awesome that John and Olivia is one of the best musical characters of our age: Rizzo. I LOVE Rizzo. I love her style, I love her attitude, and I love how everything is OK in the end for her, because she didn’t get knocked up that one time.
Rizzo shows up to school, badass, in shades and form-fitting black dress that leaves little to the imagination. She leads the Pink Ladies, but barely wears her jacket like the others, standing out with it slung around her Grease_Stockard-Channing_LaBamba-PL-Jacket.bmpshoulders. Talk about excellent examples, when I was a kid I wanted to BE her. I still put on her attitude from time to time when needed, as armor.

She most definitely stole the movie. Look at her amazing dancing dress. That is some hot stuff. I think a modern-day Rizzo would wear skin-tight jeans and red, red lipstick.

And what can I say about John Travolta. I forgot how much his bright, young, dimpled face made me smile. How could you turn this down? (Except for when he sort-of-attempts-to-date-rape-you-at-the-drive-in…)
That’s right Travolta, work those sad puppy dog eyes and ridiculous hair.

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