Thursday, May 12, 2011


Reading Sundresses and Smiles today, I saw a new opportunity of linking up and sharing photos. Two of my favorite things! Outside Voice is starting a photo-link each month with a different theme. Currently, the theme is trees, so please enjoy my attempt to find some of my tree photographs while technically at work.

While possibly not the more traditional tree photograph, this is one of my favorites, of a tree and of my time spent in London.

Here is your more traditional tree photograph. Taken on a rainy day on the island of Skye in Scotland.

From a botanical gardens in Northern England, I believe this was a fairy statue's foot gracing the gardens.

Finally, The Defunct Curator, complete with awkwardly-painted paintbrush mask (there is no photoshop here at work!) climbing a tree with the spires of Oxford in the background.


  1. you crack me up.
    i can't wait til your up north (ish) photographing trees in DC!

  2. Thanks so much for participating:) Loved seeing these photos. The first one with the clock is my fav- very beautiful!
    I hope you'll participate next month! Would you like to be on the email list for when new photo posting topics come up?


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